The Food

Like the restaurant property, Parlor Market's food tells a story. The menu includes dishes designed around products made in the Southeast and incorporates the ethnic cuisines of Mississippi. From seafood sourced from the Gulf up to North Carolina, Mississippi catfish, rabbit and quail, wild game from Texas and heirloom tomatoes grown by our own bartender, we maintain close relationships with local farmers.

Along with the influence of local and regional products, we take our cues from the flavors of low country, Cajun Creole and the Mississippi Delta, along with the influence of Mississippi's Lebanese and Greek, Asian and Vietnamese, Italian and Native American cultures. A glance at the frequently changing menu reveals an infusion of all of these influences, making modern techniques accessible by blending innovation and tradition.

Since its opening, Parlor Market has been hailed as one of the best new restaurants in Mississippi. In its first year, it was named as Best New Restaurant by Mississippi Magazine. It also received multiple wins in the Jackson Free Press's annual Best of Jackson awards: Best New Restaurant, Most Innovative Menu, Best New Bar, Best Cocktails and Best Chef (Chef/Owner Craig Noone). The restaurant has been featured in numerous publications.

We use as much Gulf Coast Shrimp, Crab, Fish and Oysters as possible.

All Sweet Potatoes are MS grown.

Food Purveyors

Wild Game


Beef and Lamb


  • Country Farms Quail (Lucedale, MS)


  • Rabbitman Farms (Sandyhook, MS)

Milk and Dairy


  • Tanglewood Farm, NC

Eggs and Produce

  • Bobkat Farms (Florence, MS)


  • Mississippi Bees (Jackson, MS)


  • Carolina Trout
  • Mississippi Paddlefish
  • Georgia Hackleback
  • Louisiana Bowfin

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Produce, muscadines, berries

  • Cooper Vineyards (Morton MS)


Soy Sauce


  • Simmons Catfish, Heartland Catfish

Fresh Water Prawns



Country Ham

Shiitake Mushrooms




Featured Local Farm

We're proud of our food. Where it comes from is important. Each week, we want to share with you one of the many people that help make Parlor Market one of the best restaurants in the South.